An all-inclusive Recreational & Multi-Sport Campus servicing the upper Shannonside Region.

This all-inclusive facility will service a wide range of sporting and recreational pursuits catering for junior and senior participants, team and individuals, amateur and elite athletes across a range of field, track and indoor disciplines.

The SRC will:

  • Attract sports, tourism and commerce; training and competition events, emerging talent programmes (FAI, IRFU, GAA) as well as summer camps, rehabilitation services and more.
  • Service the upper Shannonside region and will also extend to national and international communities, clubs, groups and events.

The SRC aims to:

  • Employ a ‘whole community’ ethos; this all-inclusive campus will unite recreational communities, young and old. They will play, perform, and participate together, availing of the progressive facilities, programmes and activities on offer.
  • Support sporting clubs and individuals – amateur, para, and elite athletes by providing world-class facilities across multiple sports.
  • Provide suitable facilities for our future Olympians and Special Olympians.
  • Unite sporting communities by facilitating a broad spectrum of sporting pursuits (track & field, field games and indoor)
  • Contribute to the local economy and provide employment; it will attract sports tourism from regional, national and international visitors and events.

8 Lane Running Track

All-weather Astro Pitch

Grass Pitch

Changing Rooms

Indoor Pavilion

Basketball Court

Spectators Stand


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