Shannonside Recreational Campus

Play, Perform, Participate

Shannonside Recreational Campus – an all inclusive Recreational & Multi-Sport Campus servicing the upper Shannonside region.


“We invite you to explore our vision of The SRC. We believe that, like our team, you are also inspired by projects that will enhance lives and communities, by developments that really make a difference today and for generations to come”.

Chairperson – Brendan Lowe

From the chair

Without ambition we achieve nothing. Our communities – and indeed our country – have always had an ambition to make tomorrow better than today; to shape a future which is better for everyone.

The team behind the Shannonside Recreational Campus have an ambition. It is to build a regional sports and recreational campus to serve the needs of the entire community. A campus that will ensure that everyone – regardless of ability, age, or gender – can play, perform, and participate in their chosen recreational activity to the best of their ability.

The Upper Shannonside region is rich in culture, landscape, history, literature and art. But our greatest riches are our people – people who grew up here, people who have returned after being away, and people who have come here to build lives for themselves and their families.

The Shannonside Recreational Campus will serve the needs of these people for years to come. But it cannot be achieved by our ambition, and the community’s hard work, alone. It will need significant financial support from Sponsors and Patrons who wish to provide a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

We hope that this project will inspire you to support our ambition for a state-of-the-art recreational and sports campus in the Upper Shannonside region.

We thank you most sincerely for you time and consideration.

Brendan Lowe



A Raising of Standards


“Our vision is to build a state-of-the-art Recreational & Multi- Sport Campus in Carrick-on-Shannon, servicing a broad profile in the upper Shannonside region.”

What is the SRC?

An all-inclusive Recreational & Multi-Sport Campus servicing the upper Shannonside Region.

This all-inclusive facility will service a wide range of sporting and recreational pursuits catering for junior and senior participants, team and individuals, amateur and elite athletes across a range of field, track and indoor disciplines.

The SRC will:

  • Attract sport tourism and commerce; training and competition events, emerging talent programmes (FAI, IRFU, GAA) as well as summer camps, rehabilitation services and more.
  • Service the upper Shannonside region and will also extend to national and international communities, clubs, groups and events.


Who is it for?

The SRC aims to:

  • Employ a ‘whole community’ ethos; this all-inclusive campus will unite recreational communities, young and old. They will play, perform, and participate together, availing of the progressive facilities, programmes and activities on offer.
  • Support sporting clubs and individuals – amateur, para, and elite athletes by providing world class facilities across multiple sports.
  • Provide suitable facilities for our future Olympians and Special Olympians.
  • Unite sporting communities by facilitating a broad spectrum of sporting pursuits (track & field, field games and indoor)
  • Contribute to the local economy and provide employment; it will attract sports tourism from regional, national and international visitors and events.


Why is it needed?

Our communities need The SRC to invite and encourage participation in sport and physical activity thus contributing to the health and wellbeing of our community. The SRC will provide a safe place for individuals to play and train. It will encourage and facilitate participation from an early age and for a longer duration.

Our athletes need The SRC to realise their true potential and to compete at the highest levels. The current facilities, of lack thereof, result in many athletes falling short of their true potential or retiring early despite their best efforts. Those determined to pursue their athletic careers are forced to move away to access adequate facilities.

This campus will offer the standard of excellence required and an intelligent and planned approach to servicing and supporting our athletes.

Our clubs need The SRC as all of our local clubs currently hire facilities which are basic or of substandard condition. Because of the lack of all-weather facilities, they are also forced to hire outside of the region, sometime even for “home” matches. Much of their funding is spent on these hire fees for basic or out-of-region facilities. We propose a fully-serviced, well-managed facility, allowing for more productive use of club funds. We will offer all-weather facilities that keep the funds local and attract clubs from afar.

Our local economy will benefit from The SRC as it will create employment and attract sports tourism to the region.


Athletes’ View - Making a Case



Despite the relatively poor facilities in the locality we still produce quality athletes who do us proud, making their mark on a national level. Some of them shared their views on what this facility could have done for them coming through, and what it would mean for future generations.

“Empowering people to take ownership of their health and wellbeing at community level is one of the principles of the Healthy Ireland framework. The SRC can help make that vision a reality, while also supporting all our local athletes in achieving their full potential.”

Colin Regan,
GAA Community & Health Manager, Croke Park, and member of the inaugural Healthy Ireland Council

“Future generations will have the opportunity to train for sport in the same way as professional athletes do, and even if this doesn’t lead to Olympic glory it might just instil an attitude of sport being a healthy part of their life.”

Gerard O’Donnell,
Irish International Athlete

“This would provide young people with opportunities from a young age to train on proper conditions and achieve their full potential at home. I feel it would be easier to encourage young people to partake in sports when the proper facilities are available.”

Dearbhile Beirne,
Shelbourne FC & Ireland U17 International Soccer