SRC Team

A motivated group of community members from the region – the SRC Project Team, who share a passion and drive to deliver an ‘equal playing field’ for the people of the region, have been working tirelessly to make an ambitious dream a reality. If, like us, you are inspired by projects which enhance lives and communities, you will be impressed by how far we have come and how much our voluntary team has already achieved.


  • With the support of the Leitrim County Council, a suitable site has been purchased, easily accessible to the Shannonside Region (Carrick-on-Shannon +30km in all directions).
  • Design plans have been drawn up and submitted. Full planning permission has been received.
  • A sustainable business plan has been developed.

To ensure the success of this project we need your support. The project team are working hard to secure Government funding to break ground on this site, but this alone will not be enough. We need you to come on board to make this life-changing campus a reality for the generations to come in Leitrim and the Shannonside Region. With your support, we can make a real difference and help the youth of today and tomorrow pursue their sporting dreams and potential.

Be part of something great. Be part of the SRC.

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