Why is The SRC needed?

Our communities need The SRC to invite and encourage participation in sport and physical activity thus contributing to the health and wellbeing of our community. The SRC will provide a safe place for individuals to play and train. It will encourage and facilitate participation from an early age and for a longer duration.

Our athletes need The SRC to realise their true potential and to compete at the highest levels. The current facilities, of lack thereof, result in many athletes falling short of their true potential or retiring early despite their best efforts. Those determined to pursue their athletic careers are forced to move away to access adequate facilities.

This campus will offer the standard of excellence required and an intelligent and planned approach to servicing and supporting our athletes.

Our clubs need The SRC as all of our local clubs currently hire facilities which are basic or of substandard condition. Because of the lack of all-weather facilities, they are also forced to hire outside of the region, sometime even for “home” matches. Much of their funding is spent on these hire fees for basic or out-of-region facilities. We propose a fully-serviced, well-managed facility, allowing for more productive use of club funds. We will offer all-weather facilities that keep the funds local and attract clubs from afar.

Our local economy will benefit from The SRC as it will create employment and attract sports tourism to the region.

Ready to Make a Change?

With your support we can make a real difference and help the youth of today and tomorrow pursue their sporting dreams and potential.

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